Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Internship Bag Essentials

School is upon us!!

It seems like this summer just flew by, and with that my internship will officially be starting soon!

Now, my internship is a bit different than a lot of typical internships. I won't spend any time behind a desk getting coffee or making copies. As a sign language interpreting intern, I'll be in the field observing and acting as an interpreter. Thus, my essentials and supplies must be as mobile as I am. These are just the things that I will carry with me to my internship and to my other classes as well.
My Internship Bag Essentials

I think everything is fairly self explanatory. I do use my iPad to take notes during classes, but I will be using a steno pad to take notes during my fieldwork.

Have a great school year loves!

XOXO Stephanie

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