Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Graduation Outfits: Attending

It's that time of year again! Graduations!

First of all, to those of you who are graduating, congrats! You've worked hard (I'm assuming) and have earned it! For the rest of us, there's a chance that you'll be attending one or more graduations of family members or friends. This comes with the ever pressing question: What the heck am I going to wear?!

Below I've outlined three different looks, ranging from the most casual of graduations to a very formal one. It's up to you to decide which one fits the event you'll be attending. If you get stuck, just think about how students dress on a daily basis. Odds are if you are attending an Ivy League graduation you'll want to dress to impress, but oftentimes local colleges can be more down to earth.

Bonus points if you can guess which of these three ensembles I'll be wearing on the 17th!

Outfit One: Casual Chic

If you're heading to a local/state school graduation, there's a good chance there may be some less than formal ceremonies. Many large schools nowadays have a separate graduation per department, and these smaller gatherings may be more intimate. I know that at my school, some of the graduations are not even wearing caps/gowns! 

Even though it may be laid back, it's still a special occasion, so don't be afraid to rock something fabulous! I love pairing a silky chiffon blouse with a boho bag and beach waves. The key is to pick on dressy piece and tone it down with casual elements. You could also substitute the heeled boots for motorcycle boots!

Outfit Two: Dressy Comfort

The happy medium of these three outfits: The dressy, yet still casual ensemble. This is perfect if you're going to go out celebrating later and you want to look a little dressed up. Hi-low skirts are super trending (you guys know how obsessed I am!) and the floral print adds the extra pop of spring to the ensemble. Pairing the dress with flats/flat boots add a more casual element, but you could substitute heels for a dressier look. 

You may have noticed that I added another cross body bag. That's because not only are they amazingly useful in avoiding the awkward bag-over-the-shoulder hugs, but they also make the outfit a little more laid back. 

Outfit Three: Formal Occasion:

For the most formal of events, this outfit is a safe, yet show-stopping look. An appropriate length little black dress is a great go-to for these types of events. You can also substitute the red for any other color (think school colors!), which is why these dresses are a definite closet staple. For the girl who wants to still stand out, a studded clutch is a subtle way to represent your rocker style. 

Final Thoughts

A graduation is a special event, whether it's high school, college, a masters degree, or even a PhD. The most important thing to remember is that you are there to cheer on and support those who are graduating. Remember, have fun, take plenty of pictures, and make sure you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing. 



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