Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trend Alert: Double Up on Button Ups

Hey guys!

I'm not terribly certain how long this trend has been around, but I recently fell in love with the look of double button ups, as seen around countless fashion and style blogs. It's the perfect way to layer in the "winter" months here in Central Cali, where it hardly drops below 50 degrees.

I found it easy to layer two shirts that were of a similar color, but it would also be fun to try with coordinating, or even wild colors!

Plaid shirt: very old, from Kohl's I think
Chambray shirt: Forever 21, $6 (sale)

I should also note that I love to use more than one color in Fall/Winter months, especially layering two jewel toned pieces together. It may seem a little crazy at first, but the lighter colored second shirt anchors the look without making it look too cartoon-y. 
Plum jeans: $8 (with groupon Listed here
Boots: Ross, $24

Let me knows what you guys think! 

XOXO Stephanie

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