Thursday, January 17, 2013

Colored Jeans

Time for Day Two of my favorite trends this fall/winter.

Next up: Colored jeans! Now, I know they've been around a while, and I do hope they will stay. Deep, jewel toned colored are all the rage this season. Don't forget the bright pops too! Below I've illustrated two of my favorite ways to wear colored jeans:

Go Bold: I wear this outfit constantly! Pairing a bright colored jean with a dark colored sweater is the perfect way to play with colors and patterns.

Go Classic: Equestrian is IN (which, as a horse girl, makes me happy), and this look shows how even colored denim can play up the look. Pairing dark green jeans with a classic white button down, along with some brown accessories, makes the look classic with a fashionable twist.

Colored Jeans

Excuse me while I go stock up on some more colors for spring!

Let me know what you think of colored denim!

XOXO Stephanie

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