Sunday, September 30, 2012

You wanna do what?

"So...what exactly are you going to do with that?"

I hear this question far, FAR too often.

A little backstory: I am studying Sign Language Interpreting at the lovely Fresno State here in California. Pretty obvious what I want to do, right?


It completely baffles me that people can't comprehend why I am studying this. Aside from the doubtful responses I get, usually people assume it is simply going to be a very expensive (education wise) hobby that I am going to do on weekends. Right, because I want to mentally exhaust myself and spend five years in college because I think it's a hobby. Solitaire is a hobby, you don't see anyone majoring in it.

Maybe it's because I've moved from majoring in criminology to ASL. Criminology is obviously a useful degree with a wide array of career choices. True, but I hated it. While yes, interpreting is a pretty narrow field of subject, it's something I am actually passionate about, unlike statistics and the Uniform Crime Report.

I'm sure there are other students who face the same frustrations, the idea that their chosen career isn't really a career at all is too often shared by the masses. I've heard it all so far: do I know braille? Do I know so-and-so, they're Deaf you must know them! I have a deaf dog (ok....?). Baffling, I am telling you.

So let's get this clear right up front here: Interpreting is a career! In any language! There is schooling and certifications for this! Hell, I could go and get a MA or even a PhD in it! So don't tell me it's not a real career.

I don't really care what you think though. I'm going to do it anyway. And you can take that to the bank.

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