Monday, September 3, 2012

White After Labor Day: Chunky Knits

White After Labor Day: Chunky Knits

White After Labor Day: Chunky Knits 

"This clash between angelic and
 rocker is effortlessly chic"

Welcome to the second installment of Breaking Fashion Rules: White After Labor Day! While the previous post focused on the pops of color rather than the subtlety of the white garment, this outfit takes the anti-rule by storm by pairing a chunky knit sweater with sleek leather (or pleather) material pants. This clash between angelic and rocker is effortlessly chic. To keep the outfit from being too bland, opt for tasteful maroon heels along with a strikingly colored blazer or scarf to finish off the look. As I've mentioned before, navy and burgundy colors are the two most sought after schemes for the fall, and look gorgeous paired together.

Below are some great deals on the trends mentioned above, all below $30! Who says fashion has to be expensive to be chic?


Let me know: what do you think about white sweaters for fall? Do they scream oh la la or no no no? Leave a comment down below!

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